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AddressRoonstr. 42, 24534 Neumünster
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Comprehensive school information

The comprehensive school is a secondary school and is an alternative to the tripartite school system in some federal states. Characteristic of the comprehensive school is that after the 10th grade you can visit the gymnasium upper stage, in which you can acquire the general university entrance.

If you do not want to graduate from the school, you can leave school with the middle school graduation (MSA). The change to another secondary school (e.g. high school) is usually possible at any time.

Comprehensive school services

The comprehensive school can be visited up to the 10th grade or 13th grade. Here you can obtain the middle school graduation (MSA) or the General University Qualification (Abitur). Depending on the state, there are total schools or equivalents.

The comprehensive school is taught the usual subjects of a secondary school, such as German, English, second foreign language, mathematics, physics, Chemistry, Computer science, music, art, history and geography.

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