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☘ Care of the citizens

☘ central contact person

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☘ family medical function

☘ Health advice

☘ Health promotion

☘ Home call

☘ Mediation of help and care

☘ medical supplies

☘ Problem-oriented diagnostics

☘ Treatment of acute emergencies

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CategoryGeneral practitioner
AddressAlte Königstr. 5, 22767 Hamburg
Phone040 - 21985601
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General practitioner information

The general practitioner (family doctor) is the first port of call for medical problems for most people. Sometimes the family doctor offers home visits. After a first examination you can be referred by the family doctor to other specialists.

In general, the general practitioner is responsible for the basic care of patients with physical or mental health disorders. Typical are long-term care and acute care of patients, even chronic diseases such as hypertension are usually treated by the general practitioner or family doctor.

General practitioner services

Family doctor and general practitioner take care of the basic care of patients. They make referrals to other specialists such as surgeon or internist. Often people with symptoms such as fever, cough, dizziness and vomiting go to the family doctor. Sometimes a sick leave is necessary for the employer.

Acute care and long-term care of patients are important tasks of family doctor and general practitioner. Chronically ill patients z. B. with diabetes mellitus or hypertension are usually also treated by the general practitioner.

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