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AddressZiegelstr. 38, 23556 Lübeck
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High school

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High school information

As a secondary school, the high school or gymnasium runs up to 12th and 13th grades. With the Abitur, you get the university entrance and thus the right to study. Depending on the state, students attend high school from the 4th grade or sixth grade. Later a change to the high school is also possible. In addition to general education, independent and critical thinking as well as the attainment of academic skills are in the foreground. In addition to normal high schools, there are also those that focus on music, sports, technology or science.

High school services

Typical subjects at high school are German, mathematics, foreign languages (Russian, English, Latin, Spanish, French, etc.), natural Sciences (biology, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics), Social sciences (history, politics, Geography), Musical subjects (music, art, performing game) and sports (athletics, rowing, badminton, swimming, etc.). High school teachers need general state examination in two subjects, a traineeship and a second state examination.

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