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CategoryProfessional school
AddressWitterdaer Weg 3, 99092 Erfurt
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Professional school information

The professional school or vocational school serves professional education and general education. Vocational training schools already existed as continuing education schools in 1871. The content of professional school is determined by occupation and year of training. Trainees attend vocational school either on certain days of the week (8-12 hours per week) or in blocks lasting several weeks. The training period and thus the schedule depends on the occupation, usually 2-3.5 years. At the vocational school, exams and other exams are written, the contents of which depend on the profession.

Professional school services

In professional school, you learn lessons in vocational school blocks or vocational school days in business, engineering, general education, design, development, administration, etc. Final examinations are taken by the IHK, chambers of crafts (eg professions of barber, wood and metal, information technology), bar associations and administrative schools. Normal degrees are Facharbeiterbrief, journeyman's certificate or IHK-certificate.

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